Prints: For the past few years, I have been working closely with Layla, a luxury boutique shop in Brooklyn, NY.  Based on inspirational images provided by the owner, I design prints and set up artwork for the factories.  Garments are made in India and the prints are hand blocked.  I am also responsible for the technical garment sketches, linesheets and CADS. 

Graphic T-Shirts:  Do you have an idea for a graphic, but not sure how to execute it?  I work with local businesses to generate original t-shirt graphics.  Some owners have ideas in mind or inspiration for me to start with, others let me run with my creativity.  Either way, we can work together to develop a  custom graphic designed just for you.


HOG Farm: Brookhaven, NY.  
Project: To design a shirt in a fun creative way that represents the HOG Farm.
Great South Bar: Patchogue, NY.  
Project: A shirt for the staff to wear and for purchase.  This utalizes the logo I designed on the back, with a simple nautical chest graphic on the front.  

Tullulah’s Restaurant & Bar: Bay Shore, NY
Project: To highlight their big steaks and cocktail menu!  I was inspired by their large barware collection and chose to represent different cocktails based on some of their own glasses.  I drew these giving them an edgy vintage feel. Verde Kitchen & Cocktails: Bay Shore, NY
Project:  This time the owner wanted to incorporating a sugar skull with a tattoo-like feel.  This allowed me to use hand drawing again to give it that inky feel.  To continue with the Mexican theme, there are cultural references sprinkled throughout, almost hidden, making this a fun design.
Verde Kitchen & Cocktails: Bay Shore, NY
Project:  The owner is very creative and excited by T-shirt graphics!  Using his inpiration, I designed this graphic with the leafy green vine to represent the restaurant’s commitment to small farms, quality food and sustainability while the circular graphic is a hommage to the Mexican culture of which the menu is grounded by.
Blue Water Vagabond Surf Festival: Bellport, NY
Project:  A fun example of using the logo to make colorful and vivrant t-shirts!  These came in a variety of unexpected color combinations and sold out at the even immediately.